NEMA 34 86mm 3 Phase 1.2 Degree High Torque Hybrid Stepper Stepping Motor for CNC Machine

NEMA 34 86mm 3 Phase 1.2 Degree High Torque Hybrid Stepper Stepping Motor for CNC Machine

I. CH MOTOR – Hybrid Stepping Motor H866(86MM) – Nema 34


-Step Angle: 1.2°
-Duration: sixty six-150mm
-Rated Existing: three.five-six.8A
-Period Resistance: .3-four.5ohm
-Stage Inductance: .65-13.2mH
-Holding Torque: 210-780N. Cm
-Detent Torque: three.five-twenty.5N. Cm
-Lead Wire No.: three
-Excess weight: 1.8-four.2g


CZPTal Specification:

Collection Model Phase Angle ( o ) L
Rated Existing (A) Section
( Ω )
Inductance (mH)
Holding Torque
Detent Torque ( Direct
( kg)
H866-21035 one.2 sixty six three.five 1.2 two.five 210 3.five three 2.
H866-21045 one.2 sixty six four.5 .seven 1.five 210 three.five 3 two.
H866-21068 1.two 66 six.8 .three .65 210 3.five 3 two.
H866-27035 one.2 seventy eight three.5 1.6 5. 270 five.eight 3 two.5
H866-27045 one.two seventy eight four.five one. 3. 270 5.eight 3 two.5
H866-27068 one.two 78 six.8 .42 1.three 270 five.eight 3 two.five
H866-45035 1.2 ninety eight 3.5 2.5 six.five 450 eight.five 3 three.
H866-45045 1.2 ninety eight 4.5 1.4 three.9 450 8.five three 3.
H866-45068 1.two ninety eight six.8 .six 450 eight.five three 3.
H866-52035 one.2 114 three.five 3.1 8.two 520 eleven. three three.five
H866-52045 one.two 114 four.5 one.eight 4.eight 520 11. 3 3.five
H866-52068 1.two 114 6.eight .75 520 eleven. 3 3.5
H866-58035 one.2 126 3.5 3.5 9.8 580 16.five 3 1.8
H866-58045 one.two 126 4.5 six.two 580 sixteen.5 3 one.eight
H866-58068 1.two 126 6.8 .nine 2.6 580 116.five 3 1.8
H866-78035 one.2 one hundred fifty three.five 4.5 thirteen.two 780 twenty.five 3 4.2
H866-78045 one.two one hundred fifty four.five 2.six eight.2 780 twenty.5 three 4.2
H866-78068 one.2 150 6.8 three.5 780 twenty.five three four.two

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We specialized in exploring, building and servicing electric motors, gearbox and high precision gears with the little modules.

Right after several years of growth, we have an unbiased item design and the R&D group, provider group, and skilled good quality manage crew.

What is far more, we have two joint ventures. One is positioned in HangCZPT, which makes hybrid stepper motor, valuable linear stepper motor, brushless DC motor, servo motor, stepper motor driver, brushless motor driver, encoder and brake.

One more one is positioned in HangCZPT, which generates DC gear motor. The manufacturing facility has dozens of CNC devices and large precision test equipment, implements the procedure administration and computerized procedure in most
generating method.

We also have two cooperation factories. 1 is creating AC reversible synchronous motor and AC servo motor, the other 1 is making linear permanent stepper motor, long term stepper motors.

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NEMA 34 86mm 3 Phase 1.2 Degree High Torque Hybrid Stepper Stepping Motor for CNC Machine