Automatic Die Cutting Machine for Paper Cardboard Wenhong 1050ss

Automatic Die Cutting Machine for Paper Cardboard Wenhong 1050ss

Computerized Die slicing and Creasing Device

WenHong ExelCut sequence of  automatic die reducing device is geared up with Japan custom-produced feeder to make certain the stabilization and smoothness of sheet feeding. Speed up to 7500sheets/hr and accuracy within .15mm.
We offer you three sides stripping and completely stripping as option. The higher precision, reliable functionality and toughness  make it one of the very best options for die slicing.

Excel reduce is composed of following sections:



  1. 4-suction-4-convey Feeder, delivery effortlessly, height and angle can be adjustable
  2. Non cease shipping and delivery equipped
  3. Tilting shipping advantaged by gravity
  4. CZPT sheet auto cease
  5. Facet and thrust lay
  6. ZheJiang imported


Die Minimize


  1. Large precision crank shaft and cam system
  2. Large precision set best
  3. Crank Shaft, Cam implement imported steel alloy
  4. Hardness HRC45-forty seven, centerlised lockup
  5. Pneumatic plate lockup
  6. CZPTed Clutch
  7. four factors micro adjustment for paper of distinct types
  8. Micro adjustment for gripper movement
  9. CZPTed Intermittent program
  10. CZPTed High precision gripper chain
  11. 5 gripper with ten pairs of enamel on every
  12. Sensor control for paper in and out
  13. Guy device interface with self diagnose perform


Shipping and delivery
  1. Complete vehicle master stacking with 1 standby,person helpful with positions of distinct sorts
  2. Tag-in Alternative
  3. Buffer for gripper rigidity adjustment
  4. Brush and air to sq. the batch
  5. Automobile lubrication for primary chain


CZPT Control Method
  1. CZPTed PLC controls the procedure of machine and fault monitoring system(screen screen).
  2. CZPTal factors and electrical wiring adopt Western countries’ superior basic safety requirements.(CE accepted)


Design EXELCUT one zero five EXELCUT 105SS
Max. Format 1050x750mm 1050x750mm 1160x850mm
Min. Format 400x360mm 400x360mm 400x360mm
Max Lower 1040 x 720 mm 1040 x 720 mm 1150x845mm
Content eighty~1200gsm cardboard,corrugated carton<4mm
Min.Gripping 9.5mm
Max. Speed 7500 sheets /hour 7500 sheets /hour 7000 sheets /hour
Max. Force three hundred tons 300 tons three hundred tons
Power intake 20kw 20kw 25kw
Electrical power AC380V 3P50HZ AC380V 3P50HZ AC380V 3P50HZ
Net Bodyweight 14T 16T 2T
Dimension 6420 x 4210 x 2120 mm 7380 x 4210 x 2120 mm 7880 x 4340 x 2520 mm

Major Elements Record:

Product Brand name
Primary motor SIEMENS/ABB
Circuit breaker KOREA LG
Contactor CZPT
Photoelectric switch PANASONIC
Frequency converter main motor) TOSHIBA
Button CZPT
Contact display screen OMRON
Reducer Motor CPG/TWT
Pneumatic controlled clutch OMPIL
Filter ZheJiang WLP
Pneumatic components CHELIC /SMC
Vacuum pump German BECKER / EUROVAC
Feeder head ZheJiang CZPTized
Chain(for gripper) RENOLD
Gripper Aviation grade aluminum alloy
Die reducing steel plate Japan Special Steel
Oil pump ZheJiang Chyun Tseh,Ashun
CZPT Grade 12.9/eight.eight
Arrived and Crank Japan Daido metal

About us

Wenhong equipment proven since yr 1999 and we have been participating on printing ending equipment till now. Licensed by CZPT:2008 , CE, SGS and UL.

  • Over 3800 set up all above the planet
  • More than 40000 m2 coverage of production base
  • Machining and R&D gain
  • Machine built-in with world course manufacturer
  • Certifications


Automatic Die Cutting Machine for Paper Cardboard Wenhong 1050ss