Stainless Steel Citrus Fruit Sorting Machine

Stainless Steel Citrus Fruit Sorting Machine


one.The equipment applys roller classification, fast and productive.

two.It will adjust the measurement of the vegeatable and fruit that the buyer wants to sort, can do multi-class sorting.

3. It operates fluently CZPT quit and omit, output 2000kg to 4000kg/h.

four. The donning elements of the machine are all with global normal, the conveyor chain,bearings, framework are all manufactured of stainless steel 304, all sorts of air cylinder equipped are basic common areas which can be acquired all in excess of the word.  

Working principle:
The roller grader is mainly composed of rack, motor drive, rank output hopper, drive device cover, roller etc.
The roller rotates under the drive motor,due to the roller holes have size differences in different region.
Fruit and vegetable raw materials through conveyor machine evenly into the roller, with the help of roller rotation,make material continuously flip, due to roller incline,the material from high to low move slowly by gravityeffect.the different diameter material from different roller fall into the hopper. 
The size of the material can be graded in turn, so as to achieve fruit grading.It has the advantages of structure tightly, energy saving and high efficiency, high production efficiency, and widely used.CZPT damage for fruits and vegetables.

Product Ability Energy Pace ROLLER DIA. DIMENTION
Fruit grading machine two~3t/h 1.5kw five.4-26.8rpm 900mm 6060*1340*2126mm

Stainless Steel Citrus Fruit Sorting Machine