Passenger Elevator for 2-4 People on Sale

Passenger Elevator for 2-4 People on Sale

electrical residence elevate elevater for disabled people wheelchair raise one-9m produced as specifications

one.vertical elevating method. This durable and straightforward-touse vertical lift is ideal for indoor or out of doors applications necessitating vertical transportation up to 6 meters. 

two .It can be directly set up into the floor CZPT architectural supporting pits and simple to operate. 

3. Its hydraulic or screw technique offers passengers smooth and cozy transportation and different basic safety gadgets get rid of every single hiding danger. 

4.Unexpected emergency Descending: When there is no energy or malfunctions, manually descend the system. 

5.It’s suited for large-sized freshly-constructed residential estates.

Unit for choose:

one.Normal motor or silent motor

2.Electronic show button

3.Anti-fall platform

four.Computerized ramp

5.UPS battery charge for energy-minimize

six.With cabin or not,press doorway or fold door.

seven.Anti-drop system.

The main components:


Passenger Elevator for 2-4 People on Sale